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I took these images around oceanside’s main street of the lamp post, crosswalk lights and train crossing sign last week. I took the images in a way to try and link three images to a common theme, this being street lights/signs. I chose to put each of them in the order they are in becauseContinue reading “Tryptch”


I took these images of an art piece just beside oceanside pier during last week. Using my Nikon d3500 and kit lens I decided to try to take close-up photos of this piece as I had seen some of Julianne Kost’s Diptychs and Tryptychs take the same approach. I chose to place the images thisContinue reading “Diptych”

Ways of Seeing

Who? I shot this myself. What? These are a collection of photos using 16 different composition techniques explained in class. Where? All are taken on campus around the main courtyard and upper level When? During class time on February 3rd 2020 Why? Was given as class and homework assignment by professor.

Who am I?

My name is Gavin Bentley. I am in my third year of college doing a foreign exchange at California State University of San Marcos. Im from Ireland where I have grown up my entire childhood and only this year is my first time away from home for an extended period. The medium I primarily workContinue reading “Who am I?”

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